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Give your vision for conversational AI a voice

Amazon Alexa is leading the way in making spoken language the next user interface. Alexa is the voice service that powers Amazon’s family of Echo productsAmazon Fire TV, and other third-party products. Echo is a device that you can talk to from across the room to play music, get the news, set timers, make hands-free calls, manage to-do and shopping lists, control lights, your thermostat and so much more.

Technologies We Focus On

The Alexa AI team contributes to the magic that is Alexa. Our goal is to make voice interfaces ubiquitous and as natural as speaking to a human. We have a relentless focus on the customer experience and customer feedback. We use many real-world data sources including customer interactions and a variety of cutting-edge techniques, like highly scalable deep learning, to train our speech models. Learning at this massive scale requires new research and development. The team is responsible for cutting-edge research and development in virtually all fields of human language technology. 

Alexa scientists and developers have significant impact on customer’s lives and are leading the industry in its shift toward conversational AI. Alexa scientists and engineers also invent new tools and APIs to accelerate development of voice services by empowering developers through the Alexa Skills Kit and the Alexa Voice Service. For example, developers can now create a new voice experience by simply providing a few sample sentences. Find out how customer-obsessed science is accelerating general intelligence in a blog post from Rohit Prasad, Alexa head scientist and senior vice president at Amazon.

Alexa Science

Our research is primarily customer focused. Your discoveries in speech recognition, natural language understanding, deep learning, and other disciplines of machine learning can fuel new ideas and applications that have direct impact on peoples’ lives. We also firmly believe that our team must engage deeply with the academic community and be part of the scientific discourse. There are many opportunities for presentations at internal machine learning conferences, which can be a springboard for publication at premier industry and academic conferences. We also partner with universities through the Alexa Prize, and encourage the publication of research that will contribute to a future of more natural and engaging computing experiences.

Join The Team

Do you want to give your vision for conversational AI a voice? If so, here are some hints on how you can join our team. Please check out our open positions below, ranging from speech and machine learning scientist, to language data specialist and technical program manager. We have hundreds of opportunities available in the following global locations:

Learn more about Amazon’s approach to customer-obsessed science on the Amazon Science website, which features the latest news and research from scientists across the company. It’s where you can find information about the conferences we sponsor, the institutions we collaborate with, our awards program, career opportunities, challenges, and more. For the latest updates, subscribe to the monthly newsletter, and follow Amazon Science on LinkedInTwitterFacebookInstagram, and YouTube.

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