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Project Kuiper

Project Kuiper is Amazon’s low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite broadband network. Our mission is to provide fast, affordable connectivity to unserved and underserved communities around the world. Our network has the capacity, flexibility, and performance to serve a wide range of customers. From individual households to schools, hospitals, businesses, and government agencies, Project Kuiper will serve organizations operating in locations without reliable connectivity.

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Building a constellation to connect the world

Our state-of-the-art facilities are expanding, and we’re investing in new technology that will impact millions of customers globally, including households, small businesses, and other organizations. From designing satellite management systems to building solar panels, we create solutions that make technology more accessible. We’re aiming high. We want to help transform the satellite industry and close the global digital divide.

We’re looking for top talent to help take our project to the next stage. You’ll join a world-class team of manufacturing, hardware, mechanical, and electrical engineers; software developers; supply chain program managers; and production and assembly technicians. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make a positive impact for customers and communities around the world.

Will you join our mission to bring connectivity to all?

Hear from the Vice President of Project Kuiper

    Learn more about Project Kuiper

    • Project Kuiper’s optical mesh network in low Earth orbit

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      Project Kuiper will include laser links on every satellite in our constellation to form a mesh network in space.

    • Project Kuiper Protoflight Mission: Launch Day Highlights

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      On October 6, 2023, Project Kuiper sent its first two prototype satellites to space aboard an Atlas V rocket from United Launch Alliance (ULA), beginning Kuiper’s Protoflight mission.

    • Project Kuiper demonstrates end-to-end network connectivity

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      Within 30 days of sending two prototype satellites into space, Project Kuiper achieved a 100% success rate for its Protoflight mission, validating key technologies that underpin the network and moving the program another step closer toward our long-term vision.

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