Esplora le Opportunità di lavoro in Amazon

Caitlin P.

UX Designer, HR Systems

A UX Designer on Amazon’s HR team, Caitlin P. needs to feel challenged at work. I’m really only motivated when I feel like I’m being challenged, or learning something new, and this is the most exciting role I’ve ever been in” says Caitlin, a UX Designer on the People Technology team.  Right now, Caitlin’s team is focused on reimagining the way the HR world works, making Amazon’s HR systems more flexible and our processes more customizable. “Every day I’m helping to create something significant that improves this entire company,” said Caitlin. Thus, the challenges and opportunities for non-stop learning keep on coming. “So many of our design problems are so complex, and we get the opportunity to solve them to make things so much better.”

In addition to the opportunities Amazon offers, Caitlin also appreciates Amazon’s unique culture and connection to her teammates. “This is the only place I’ve ever worked where other people care about their jobs and their customers just as much as I care, and that is why I’ve built real, lasting friendships at Amazon,” said Caitlin. “Not just work friends – real best friends,” she added.

And, for anyone questioning her enthusiasm, Caitlin adds, “HR at Amazon is an exciting space. I love my job and the things I’m working on. Take it from me – HR is awesome.”

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