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Retail Pricing Systems

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Building Technology that Impacts Amazon’s Bottom Line

Amazon is known for having a vast selection, low prices and fast delivery. With millions of products available on, our Retail Pricing Systems organization is using technology to compute and publish prices for every item in Amazon’s retail catalog, delivering competitive prices across our full range of products and automating decision-making. We are integral to Amazon’s ability to deliver on its promise to customers.

Our teams of software developers and research scientists develop pricing strategies, working with business and finance leaders to make decisions with the potential for significant financial impact to the company. We use big data, machine learning and other advanced technologies to develop pricing rules, models and algorithms that are constantly improving and evolving our pricing strategies to require less human input.

Customers are the beneficiaries of our work; as our systems improve, our ability to offer products at competitive prices increases. Retail Pricing Systems is where technology drives customer experience and Amazon’s success with better prices across all the products Amazon sells.


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Working in Retail Pricing

Pricing millions of Amazon items

Meet the Retail Pricing Team members who build and manage the technology that prices the millions of items sold and shipped by Amazon.

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