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The largest city in Australia, Sydney is located on the Southeast coast of the country. The mild coastal climate allows for year-round outdoor activity at the nearby beaches, the Blue Mountains and the Hawkesbury River, or in one of Sydney’s many parks and open spaces.

As a major metropolis, Sydney also boasts a vibrant and active cultural scene that includes film/television, live performance, night clubs, museums, and sporting events.

Fun fact: a citizen of Sydney is a “Sydneysider.”

Did you know?

  • Sydney has over 100 beaches within its city limits. Bring a towel!
  • The temperature in Sydney is mostly mild all year. Average high temperatures are near 70 Degrees Farenheit year-round.
  • The world-famous Sydney Opera House hosts over 300 events per year.
  • Sydney is incredibly diverse. Over 30% of its residents were born outside of Australia.


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