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Design and Creative

Our designers and creatives are re-shaping how people interact with ad technology, creating new experiences for advertisers and customers.

Design and Creative2

Unleash your creativity to delight our customers.

Amazon Ads needs creatives of all flavours to help us push the boundaries of advertising. Whether you’re a UX designer, a video producer, or an art director, your imagination and skills will help us produce world-class experiences to surprise and delight Amazon customers and deliver meaningful results for our advertisers.

Here, you’ll take ownership of wide-ranging projects, and your work will be seen by millions of people each day across Amazon’s digital and physical channels.

If you want to use your expertise and grow your career in a fast-paced environment, we want you on our team.

Voices of Amazon Ads

  • Danielle D'Agnostino 2.jpg

    What led me to accept my offer at Amazon was that my interviewers had been with the company for several years. I could tell the designers were supported, and it felt like a sign that I’d be able to build a career here.

    I’m a UX writer, and I work on DSP, which is one of our key advertiser platforms. My focus is to make it as user-friendly as possible, so our advertisers can work efficiently. I love simplifying things for others, and sometimes the work I’m most proud of is the tiniest changes. While they seem like very small adjustments, they’ll make a big impact for our users, saving people time and effort in their work.

    Working on Ad Tech is complicated and fascinating. I’ve been here a few years, and I still feel like I’m new, because I learn something from different experts every day. On the design side, I’m impressed with the high bar for design craft; I’m so impressed with the feedback I get from design leaders. Amazon Ads is a great place to grow.

    Danielle Senior UX writer
  • Jeff-Chan_IMG-20240129-WA0002.jpg

    In my day-to-day, I dive into designing ad products and making the Amazon experience better for our users. What makes it special is the opportunity to shape the Amazon business and connect with millions of customers. I take great pride in the impact my work creates and how it can be beneficial to our customers.

    Being on the Amazon UX team is more than just a job; it’s a journey of constant learning and fulfillment. Working with these incredible designers feels like a privilege. They’re not just colleagues; they’re a group of passionate individuals who strive to take charge and push boundaries, always aiming to set new standards for Amazon’s shopping experience.

    JeffUX designer
  • Nic.jpg

    For a creative, Amazon Ads feels like the ultimate sandbox—a place where everyone would love to play. What’s truly remarkable about working here is the ability to unleash your creativity across Amazon’s diverse array of products, spanning from Alexa and Twitch to Fire TV. It’s a true departure from the conventional advertising agency experience.

    Each campaign we develop at Brand Innovation Lab still requires that ‘big idea,’ but the real challenge lies in adapting it uniquely to each product and its user base. This presents a host of intriguing creative challenges, expanding the scope of our work.

    At Amazon Ads, the boundaries within which you can innovate and create feel truly endless and that’s what makes coming to work each day so exciting.

    NicCreative Director

Got the skills to re-shape the creative landscape?