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Middle Mile Product & Technology

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The Middle Mile Product and Technology (MMPT) team is building the world's fastest, most reliable, low-cost transportation network. We deliver millions of packages around the world each day. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations by ensuring that their orders are delivered where and when they need them, as quickly, accurately, and cost effectively as possible.

To meet this goal, we continually innovate and provide best-in-class service by developing new designs, products, and services in the transportation and delivery space. We build software and hardware that improve operator, shipper, and consumer experiences and leverage our position as the only truly vertically integrated player across ecommerce and logistics. As part of MMPT, you’ll experience unparalleled ownership and be empowered to innovate and deliver to evolve our products.

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JOIN US! One of the leading innovation groups at Amazon, Million Mile Tech, will be in Chile from September 26th-30th. Join them for a hiring event in Las Condes to learn more about the team and positions available. Register to attend here

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