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One of the newest innovations within the Amazon Transportation Network is our fleet of Amazon planes and our recently announced air hub at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport to support package delivery to our rapidly growing number of Prime members who love fast delivery, great prices, and vast selection from Amazon.

Gateway facilities

The Amazon Air team launched new gateway operations in Riverside, CA, Alliance, TX, and Wilmington, OH. But what are Gateway Facilities? These are Air Facilities specifically located to help deliver packages to our Prime customers. The Gateways have dedicated parking spots at an airport in order to facilitate below-wing operations. This includes the offloading of our packages onto the ramp in order to continue to our final mile delivery. Amazon Air provides gateway operations at over 20 airports, making two-day shipping possible almost anywhere in the U.S. Our Gateway Operations team is one of our most developing and growing teams within the space.

Announcing new operations in the EU

We are excited to optimize our operations at the Leipzig-Halle airport to ensure we can delight our customers in Germany and throughout Europe. The new Leipzig state-of-the-art building will create more than 200 new jobs at Leipzig-Halle airport and will be operational this year. Amazon will be recruiting for a variety of positions including HR, IT, Engineering and various Management and Operations roles.

Community impact

Are you interested in joining a team that also makes an impact in the community? Learn more about how an Amazon Air plane aims to raise awareness for childhood cancer or read about how we honor military veterans at Amazon Air. 

Come build the future of Amazon Transportation Services with us.

Associate Roles

As an Amazon team member working at an Amazon Air Gateway/Hub, you will be handling the loading of cargo onto aircraft from the warehouse. This includes handling, moving, stacking, stamping, weighing, measuring, labeling, etc., and constructing and dismantling boxes when necessary. Learn more about Associate roles.

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