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Data Engineering

Our data engineers are re-shaping data into succinct insights, personalized recommendations, and innovative actions that delight our customers daily.

Ads - Data Engineering

Powering advertising experiences with data

Data engineers at Amazon Ads manage data across the entirety of the business, using the latest technology to capture, store, transform, and expose data in a variety of scalable, efficient, and impactful ways. With “Big Data” comes big responsibility, and we take this seriously. We’re streaming, batching, and transforming exabytes of data while keeping paramount the privacy of every customer.

Our work branches into every aspect of advertising—from every ad served, to the breadth of change events, to the myriad of business support systems—and we’re using the every trick in the book to continuously grow and improve our services.

The opportunities here are just as large, fast-paced, and exciting as our data, so come join us and take on your next big challenge.

Voices of Amazon Ads

  • gerald_selvaraj_2.jpg

    The most exciting part of my job is the multitude of opportunities it offers and the freedom it gives me to experiment.

    Beyond constructing data pipelines at a massive scale and tackling various data engineering challenges, I get to work on automating cloud infrastructure, establishing continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, setting up Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) workflows, and web development.

    I have the privilege of being part of a highly supportive and talented team. Our work encompasses several aspects of advertising, like providing insights, measuring ad performance, audience targeting etc. It’s truly fulfilling to witness the positive influence our work has on customers.

    Gerald Senior Data Engineer
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    Joining Amazon Ads as a data engineer means immersing yourself in a dynamic environment where innovation and impact converge.

    One of the most exhilarating aspects of my job is its pivotal role in architecting and optimizing data pipelines that power our advertising platform, empowering businesses to connect with millions of customers worldwide.

    I have a diverse array of responsibilities, from crafting and implementing robust data models to overseeing the development and maintenance of scalable ETL pipelines, and every task is an opportunity to drive tangible results.

    At Amazon Ads, data engineers are at the forefront of shaping the future of digital advertising. By harnessing cutting-edge technologies and techniques, we unlock invaluable insights that fuel business growth and innovation.

    If you’re passionate about leveraging the power of data to make a meaningful impact and thrive in a collaborative, results-driven environment, Amazon Ads offers an unparalleled platform for career advancement.

    RimzimData Engineer

Ready to re-imagine possibilities for your data engineering career?