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Applied Science, Machine Learning and Research

Our scientists are re-imagining the realms of what’s possible in advertising.

Applied Science and Machine Learning

Build models that impact millions every day

At Amazon Ads we have a mandate to experiment, and we have an endless range of opportunities to help innovate on behalf of customers.

Here you’ll be able to explore and develop solutions that address some of the most interesting challenges in the AdTech space, and re-imagine the boundaries of what’s possible. We’re passionate about solving real-world problems, and we use cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence to do this.

Help us take innovation in advertising to the next level.

Voices of Amazon Ads

  • Yashal Kanungo 2.jpeg

    I work in the realm of generative AI. My focus is on image and text generation foundational models, a technology that takes a variety of user inputs and generates text and images. It’s a blend of research and applied science, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in image generation. It’s a very exciting space to work.

    Yashal Senior Applied Scientist
  • Cristina

    I think the best part of my job is the application. I don’t just get to do science; I get to have an impact on the world. My team detects and takes down malicious ads by using machine learning techniques. It’s great to wake up and know my work will have a direct, positive effect on customers.

    Originally, I didn’t consider applying to Amazon. I thought there was a specific type of person who worked in these roles, and it wasn’t me. But I’m extremely glad to be here and doing the work I do.

    Cristina Senior Applied Scientist
  • yangwang.jpg

    As an economist working in advertising, I apply a causal lens to data in order to deliver actionable insights for our internal business partners.

    A typical day for me can involve meeting with my team to strategize our efforts, or with stakeholders to deep dive into their business problems. Then I’ll design experiments, write code for analysis or prepare documents to communicate findings and proposals to business and science audiences. I also keep up to date with the latest trends, attending seminars led by cutting-edge researchers or reading up on the newest research papers.

    I feel energized working in Amazon’s advertising business, knowing that my work can make large impacts for our internal teams, advertisers and consumers.

    YangSenior Economist

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