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Brilliance Publishing is a full service publisher on the shores of Lake Michigan in Grand Haven, Michigan.  From our office, it is only a 40 minute drive to Grand Rapids and a 3 hour drive to Chicago and Detroit.

We publish books across a range of popular genres with over 7,000 titles in distribution today from hundreds of authors.  As a part of the Kindle Team and Amazon Publishing, our culture is built upon the Amazon leadership principles and we add our own unique style from our vibrant beach community of greater Grand Haven.  We’re proud of our over 35 years of heritage in publishing and excited about how we continue to find ways to grow, invent and build a dynamic future in publishing. 

A few things you might want to know about Brilliance Publishing:

  • We’re passionate about delighting our Customers. Our books are loved and shared by people around the world, living real lives in communities big and small.  Our team is built around the people that love stories and serving them in a meaningful way.
  • We identify world class Authors and curate interesting stories from around the world.  We work tirelessly to identify emerging writers, and strengthen our partnerships with existing authors to ultimately connect customers with the stories that they are seeking. 
  • We stand for Transparency and Quality.  We strive to deliver the highest caliber product to our Customers, period.  We receive Customer feedback constructively and act accordingly to ensure our products and services are strengthened to exceed expectations.  We work with authors to build a transparent and open partnership designed to deliver world class stories to the world.
  • We Invent and Think Big.  As Amazonians, we push ourselves to think big and bold every day.  We strive to uncover new ideas and approaches to delight our Customers and Authors.
  • We’re continuously creating a preferred place to work. From our diversity of work opportunities to the unique attention we are able to offer to those we proudly work with each day, we strive to build the best place to work.  We leverage the resources of Amazon and infuse the focused efforts of our local leadership to grow talents and achieve worthwhile work.

So, what’s your story?  Share it with us and apply to today.

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