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We are building the future of advertising!

Why join Amazon DSP?

Amazon is continuing to invest in its Worldwide Online Display Advertising business to tap into the growing online advertising market. Amazon is using its first-class technology, unique user data, and cross-device user identification to become the go-to solution for the world’s largest advertising agencies and advertisers. We are 300+ employees strong, across the globe with 30% YoY growth. Joining now means lots of white space to innovate and develop. There is complexity and opportunity to build, while working with dynamic driven people.

We asked our teams to tell us about what they like most about Amazon DSP. Here’s what they said…

“Working on global-scale, large impact programs. Advertising is one of the fastest growing parts of Amazon, and it's always exciting to be where the action is.”

“The scale of what we're working on - it touches so many customers!”

“While being a world class DSP, our DSP team is still small and scrappy. This startup-esque environment...I have more of an impact here than I ever could at another DSP.”

“In my short time here…I have had the opportunity to influence internal processes, and even DSP product development. Being able to do this at a company like Amazon is amazing, and really makes me feel like I can make a difference.”

Our Impact and Reach

• 100K+ of Active Advertisers

• 1MM+ of Active Ads

• 10MM+ of websites/apps

• 1PB+ daily in and out

• 1B+ of daily shopping sessions

• 10B+ daily shopping data points

• 100B+ daily ad requests

Here are some of the coolest things our teams have learned since joining Advertising...

“Amazon DSP has more transactions per day than all the stock exchanges in the world combined.“

“Properly executed advertising helps consumers discover new relevant products and helps them make better buying decisions.”

“The technical complexity of Advertising is far beyond what the average person thinks, and the volume of data processing is staggering."


Meet Amazonians working in Amazon DSP

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