We’re designing products that improve digital advertising — for customers, advertisers, and everyone in between.

We’re designing products that improve digital advertising – for customers, advertisers, and everyone in between.

We’re a team of highly motivated problem solvers; designers, user researchers, and writers at the heart of Amazon advertising. From prototyping ad formats and placements, to building tools for campaign delivery and reporting, we craft end-to-end solutions that help our advertisers reach millions of customers on desktop, mobile, Kindle, Fire tablet, and Fire TV.

What we work on

Tools for advertisers

Our UX team designs planning, management, and reporting tools that make the complex seem simple, enabling advertisers to run high-volume ad campaigns with the click of a mouse. We’re committed to distilling diverse user needs into experiences that balance efficiency with robust utility. Our solutions enable agencies and brands both large and small to connect with their customers—globally and at scale—where they shop, read, watch videos, and share online.

Ad product design

From dynamic banner ads to intricate sponsored shopping experiences—our UX designers innovate, prototype, test, and scale new forms of advertising across Amazon retail properties, mobile devices, and Fire TV. We strive to make advertising relevant and respectful. Our ad products inspire shoppers to explore beyond their regular selection patterns and discover new brands, products, and services. Our creative authoring tools empower brands of all sizes to connect with new customers.

User Research

Our User Researchers help uncover the unknown in the ever-changing advertising business; learning about our customers, applying and teaching Amazon’s “Working Backwards” process, identifying new opportunities, and improving our products through testing. They champion the user experience in every stage of the product lifecycle: from discovery and design to deployment.

Where we work

Amazon Doppler (Seattle)
Amazon Serendipity (New York City)

Our advertising customers span the globe, in North America, Europe, and Asia. We collaborate every day with product and engineering teams around the world.

Some of us work remotely, but for the most part we’re concentrated in two state-of-the-art office towers in Seattle and New York City. The Doppler tower is in the core of Amazon’s downtown Seattle campus. The Serendipity building at Five Manhattan West houses the Amazon Advertising team in New York.

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Amazon Makes Major Leap in Ad Industry with $10 Billion Year

AdAge - January 31, 2019

“Brands and ad agencies have been working closely with Amazon as it builds an ad platform to compete with Google and Facebook, and $10 billion in 2018 makes it the third-largest ad business.”

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Amazon Consolidates Its Ad Offerings Under ‘Amazon Advertising’

AdWeek - September 5, 2018

“A day after it hit the trillion-dollar-valuation mark, Amazon said it is retiring the individual names of its demand-side platform, display advertising and paid search units. That means farewell Amazon Media Group (AMG), Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP)—and hello to simply Amazon Advertising.”

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How Amazon is Priming its Ad Business for the Next Year

AdAge - April 30, 2018

“No other major platform is so plugged into what consumers buy. Amazon doesn’t need to close the loop from ad to sale by reading uncertain data about when a person saw an online ad and when that led to an actual purchase. Amazon is the loop.”

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