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Advance your technical career in the government space

AWS Intelligence Initiative is an onboarding and technical up skilling program for engineers supporting Amazon Dedicated Cloud regions. The program hires builders who raise the bar in Amazons leadership principles and are curious to further their technical skills to operate mission-critical applications.

Our training and onboarding program provides a 12-14 month opportunity of deep technical training where engineers undergo an intensive development program to enhance their technical skills in Operating Systems, AWS operational culture, and builder tools through a job path curriculum. Engineers then complete multiple on the job rotations providing hands-on exposure and working side by side with top AWS Engineers across multiple of AWS’ most popular products. Join us in the opportunity to learn, grow, and innovate while working alongside great people with diverse perspectives who share your passion for the mission.

AWS Intelligence

Start or Re-start your career with AWS Intelligence

Khayla - System Development Engineer

Lisa - Engineering Manager

Neil - Director, Software Development

Edmond - System Engineer

Rohini, Systems Development Manager

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