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Machine Learning Science


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Accelerating progress and innovation

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are rewriting the rule book of problem solving. These smart tools give scientists free rein to think way beyond the box. From demand forecasting to speech processing, robotics to firmware, we bring human flair to every task.

Our Machine Learning Science teams specialize in research and development, but that doesn’t mean we’re stuck in a lab. We work with teams across the company to find practical ways to solve real-life problems.

We use big data to streamline sales and boost efficiency. We build models that help our product search engine retain its place as one of the best in the world. Our work impacts millions of customers day after day.

We also share our ideas with the wider industry through research papers, newsletters, and vlogs.

Machine Learning Science positions include:

•    Machine Learning Scientist
•    Manager, Research Science
•    Data Sciences Lead


“The most exciting part about working in AI and ML is that we have no idea what’s going to be feasible. The future is a great unknown.”
Data Scientist

“The fun part of my job is to turn data-driven evidence into business decision making. We love trying out new ideas.”
Data Scientist Manager


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