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Software Engineering

Our software engineers are using technology to re-discover what advertising means for brands and customers.

Pioneer new experiences through technology

The Software Engineering team at Amazon Ads is responsible for leading, designing, and developing software applications and systems to create, manage, and analyze exciting and meaningful advertising experiences for our customers.

At Amazon Ads you’ll be challenged not only to meet the needs of customers today, but also to predict and create what they’ll need in the future. You’ll tackle big technical problems and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

With a wealth of opportunities to suit every interest, join us and help raise the bar in advertising technology.

Voices of Amazon Ads

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    A lot of my projects involve creating user experiences and webpages that help advertisers reach new audiences. I’m very focused on customer experience, and it’s really fun to work with designers to create something memorable.

    What’s also cool is I work across three teams in Seattle, New York, and Edinburgh. So, instead of creating solutions for just one web page, we’re building solutions that scale across multiple pages. Amazon Ads gives me opportunities I don’t think I’d get anywhere else.

    LauraSenior Front-End Engineer
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    My team is filled with some of the smartest people I’ve ever met. I consider myself lucky to be able to trade ideas—and more importantly laughs—with them.

    It’s rewarding to see what advertisers create with the tools we’ve built, and exciting knowing the number of customers that will end up coming in contact with our code.

    What I like about working in Amazon Ads is that every engineer, regardless of experience, takes ownership of large initiatives from start to finish. We don’t just deal with the coding, but we handle many other elements of the project life-cycle. It keeps things interesting!

    MikeSoftware Development Engineer
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    I chose Amazon Ads because it’s an environment where I feel like we can build freely, innovate, and experiment. It’s very large-scale, and there are a lot of complex challenges that employees can work on here.

    We have the freedom where, if an experiment doesn’t go well, we can take things down and iterate to figure out what works and what doesn’t. It’s just a really cool environment to develop in.

    I’ve been with Amazon Ads since 2016. I’ve worked in other areas of Amazon, but Ads just feels like home.

    LatoyaSoftware Development Manager

A day in the life at Amazon

  • Kristen: Software Development Manager

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    Kristen shares why Amazon Ads is such a good fit for her, her career ambitions, and her lifestyle.

  • Eli: Software Development Manager

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    Eli shares his thoughts about how his team is changing the AdTech landscape.

Ready to re-awaken possibilities in software engineering?