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Project and Program Management

Our specialists in project and program management are re-shaping how ambitious projects are managed and delivered.

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Own projects that impact millions

Our Program and Project Managers are the engine house for the Amazon Ads organization. We’re continually growing and evolving, and we need the brightest leaders to drive projects and programs that provide next-generation solutions, enabling our advertisers to reach customers wherever they are.

At Amazon Ads our projects and programs span a wide range of specializations, but whatever the initiative, Program and Project Managers own a piece of our Ads business from conception and scoping, through to launch and scaling.

If you’re excited about owning large-scale and challenging projects, we want to hear from you.

Voices of Amazon Ads

  • Neha Dembla.jpg

    When I joined Amazon Ads, I was absolutely new to the advertising world. But over the last two years, I’ve gained immense knowledge working with talented teammates and peers across design, finance, logistics, sales, marketing, legal, product, and production.

    In my two years at Amazon, I’ve already had three roles and the opportunity to work on multiple, high-visibility campaigns. Currently, as a Creative Program Manager, I lead programs and build strategies to support advertisers—both managed and self-service—across Audio and Design with their design needs, to deliver impactful, time-bound marketing campaigns.

    Amazon is ever-evolving, and you can be exposed to a lot of change in a short span of time. It can be challenging, but it teaches you the art of adaptability, frugality and thinking big!

    As a new mom, I’m immensely grateful to be working at Amazon. The parental benefits here allow new parents to recover, grow and bond with their children. I feel Amazon is truly committed to supporting new parents navigating this journey with ease and success.

    NehaCreative Program Manager
  • Thatz.jpg

    What I love most about the role of program management within Amazon Ads is its demand for a delicate art of balancing technical expertise, business acumen, and operational finesse. Similar to a compass, a Program Manager must navigate through complexities to steer towards success, with customer obsession serving as the guiding principle.

    The Amazon Ads program management role necessitates adeptness in managing stakeholders from all angles, including senior executives, product leaders, engineering managers, principal engineers, developers, sales and marketing teams, and external customers. My daily responsibilities span a spectrum, from driving large cross-functional programs to managing intricate end-to-end processes and handling routine tasks.

    Of course there is the array of unique challenges that crop up regularly that require swift mitigation; this dynamic aspect of my job is something I appreciate a lot. It’s this continuous cycle of challenge and achievement that makes my role both rewarding and exciting.

    ThatzPrincipal Program Manager

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