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Policy and Legal

Our Policy and Legal teams are re-focusing on building trust and integrity with everyone who comes into contact with us.

Earn trust through your work

Our Policy and Legal teams are at the heart of Amazons Ads, supporting every aspect of the organization.

The Legal team are the advisors who support decision making, navigating the ever-changing landscape of business and technology for Amazon Ads and our customers. You’ll thrive on big challenges and solve complex problems on a daily basis, in collaboration with legal partners across business lines.

The Ad Policy team supports Amazon to be a safe and trustworthy advertising destination. You’ll ensure that advertising content is served in safe contexts on and off Amazon, benefiting both retail customers—where the ads served are relevant and helpful—and our advertisers, by helping them work easily with Amazon Ads and be successful in their campaigns.

If you’re excited about challenge and variety in your career, learn more about our available roles.

Voices of Amazon Ads

  • Justin Thomas-2.jpg

    I work in our Ad Policy business and lead a team of policy managers focusing on specialized content areas. The creation of the team came out of an idea I pitched after I identified commonalities across the wider policy team that, when combined, would be more effective at ensuring our customers have a great experience whenever they see an Amazon ad.

    I put this idea on paper, researched, and developed it with colleagues, then presented it to leadership. I was given the go-ahead to start bringing my idea to life, and things have snowballed since then!

    At Amazon, you’re given a lot of trust from leadership to pursue things if you think they’ll have a positive impact on customers. I don’t think there are many other companies where you’re given time and budget to prove out an idea in this way. Amazon’s commitment to innovation creates a really dynamic environment, a lot of ownership, and a lot of accountability.

    Justin Head of Advertiser Integrity
  • Igor FINAL.jpg

    I have the privilege of leading* a team of lawyers and legal professionals who partner with Amazon Ads business teams to make really cool things happen. From ensuring that all paperwork is in order for high-value ad sales to figuring out how to bring to life a creative idea that we pitched to multi-national advertiser for their latest product—it’s never a dull moment on my team. And let’s not forget ideas such as launching a brand-new ‘Vehicles’ category on This team does it all.

    This is my third career at Amazon, having previously spent some time with Amazon Devices and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon Ads appealed to me because it enabled me to bring together my prior experiences at Amazon (and before) in a meaningful way, given the technological convergence between these businesses. Each business unit is unique, and I’m grateful to be able to bring my curiosity to so many different teams and leaders across Amazon.

    *Legal disclaimer fun: The truth is, I’m more often a mere sounding board for my awesome people who are the ones really responsible for all the magic in their work.

    Igor Senior Manager, Corporate Counsel
  • Kiran Kaur-3.jpg

    In my role on the Policy team, I dive into the intersection of advertising and customer protection daily. My work involves crafting policies that not only meet our business needs, but also significantly enhance our customers’ shopping experiences.

    What truly excites me is the impact of my efforts; ensuring that every ad upholds our high standards for integrity and contributes positively to the customer journey. The autonomy to tackle complex challenges, innovate, and drive meaningful changes worldwide fuels my passion for my work. It’s empowering to know that through our policies, we’re safeguarding the trust and satisfaction of our customers, making their voices paramount in everything we do.

    This role isn’t just a job; it’s a mission to make a huge difference, enhancing the shopping experience for millions, one policy at a time.

    KiranSenior Ad Policy Manager

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