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Operations, IT and Support Engineering

Our Operations, IT and Support engineers are re-defining the highest standards of support.

Safeguard IT systems through your expertise

Amazon is powered by some of the world’s best technology infrastructure. Our systems enable us to deliver millions of items to customers every day, create exciting innovations, and run our day-to-day business without interruption. This vast infrastructure relies on the skills of our IT specialists.

Our Support Engineers provide technical aid and solutions to both advertisers and customers, guaranteeing seamless operation and optimization of their advertising across Amazon’s products. But there’s more to the job than just troubleshooting. The team is always looking at ways to improve systems, upgrade services, and offer customers, partners, and staff a better experience.

Security Engineers in Amazon Ads develop and implement robust systems to identify and mitigate sophisticated invalid traffic within various advertising programs. They employ algorithms and monitoring techniques to detect anomalies and suspicious patterns in advertising traffic, safeguarding advertisers from financial losses and maintaining trust in digital advertising ecosystems.

If your skills can support at scale, apply today.

Voices of Amazon Ads

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    Working at Amazon Ads presents an exciting voyage where each day introduces fresh challenges and avenues for innovation. The environment cultivates collaboration, encourages boundary-pushing, and consistently elevates standards for excellence.

    Here, your ideas matter, your voice is heard, and your contributions make a real difference. What resonates with me the most is that Amazon’s work culture is defined by its rapid-paced environment with sense of belonging to a team that not only offers mutual support but also spearheads significant transformations in the digital advertising space.

    AnamikaSenior DevOps Engineer
  • Koustav_Landscape-2.jpg

    Working at Amazon Ads is a dynamic journey of continuous growth and innovation. From tackling the complexities of detecting Invalid Traffic to embracing the ever-expanding landscape of challenges, every day offers an opportunity to stretch our capabilities. Collaborating with brilliant minds fosters a culture of learning and excellence.

    The application of Amazon Leadership Principles not only shapes our professional endeavors but enriches our personal lives too. Here, we thrive amidst diversity, harnessing the power of collective intelligence to propel the business forward. It’s not just a job; it’s a relentless pursuit of excellence in a landscape of endless possibilities.

    KoustavSenior Security Engineer

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