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UX interview prep

On this page you’ll find info to help you prepare for your UX interview loop.

Design at Amazon is ever-growing in reach and impact—from devices to fashion, logistics, video, voice, and more. We create experiences that touch customers everywhere, every day.

Your loop will include a Portfolio Review, an interactive Functional Exercise (for example, a Design Whiteboard or Research Planning Exercise), and one-to-one behavioral interviews focused on our Leadership Principles. Each session will be 60 minutes.

Your interviewers will be UX professionals, product managers, software development managers, and business partners from the team you’re applying to, as well as other Amazon teams. We select a diverse group of interviewers and assess candidates using a company-wide mentality.

*Please connect with your Recruiter if you are interviewing for a UX role other than Designer or Researcher.

The loop


Stories from Amazon designers

  • Meet Sarita

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    Sr. Interaction Designer Sarita made her way into systems thinking and UX design through community farming.

  • Meet Jon

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    This Sr. Design Technologist incorporates the mantra “art without an audience doesn’t have a purpose” in his work.

  • Meet Chris

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    This Senior Design Manager sees Amazon Design growing, and getting better, at the same time.

  • Meet Corey

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    Director of UX and UI, Corey enjoys hobbies involving creative problem solving and craft that make him better at his job.